why my blog?

Today, I venture into the unknown…the world of blogging!

As soon as the decision was made to move to Paris, family and friends began to ask what was I going to do with myself. Initially, my response was easy…to learn French of course!  However, the more this question was asked, the more it got me thinking. What was I going to do with my time?

Having given up a fast-paced, rather stressful job to move here, I have to admit I was (and still am) scared of brain atrophy.  So knowing that I had an amazing city to explore on my doorstep and that we would soon be hosting many visitors, requiring me to resurrect `Toni Tours`(a nickname given to me by visiting friends when we first moved to Amsterdam), I have decided to set up a blog to capture my thoughts on Paris (and potentially other places in the world) – where to go, where to eat (VERY important for me), what to eat, photos of something that has caught my attention etc.

So this is where it starts…


About tfyvie

A foodie kiwi living in London - on the constant search for the next best restaurant, recipe, food trend
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One Response to why my blog?

  1. Liviana says:

    ..and now the real reason why you moved to Paris…for the food! Love that you’re blogging about it, given how much you love to cook and eat 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your adventures!!

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