picnic in jardin du luxembourg

Any regrets about leaving Canada for France are long gone when it comes down to the weather!  The summer of 2010 was a stonker – at least for the month of July (we were true Parisiennes, fleeing the city for pretty much the month of August).  And Spring 2011 was incredible – no rain and the perfect temperature with the sun shining every day.  Meanwhile, Canada seems to have been in a constant state of ‘sprinter’ or ‘wring’ (that’s a nasty cross of winter and spring).  Accordingly, we have had at least an additional 2 months of better weather than if we had still been living in Montreal. That is a true result in my mind!

We live in the 6th arrondissement approx 5 minutes walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg. And Saturday was one of those perfect summer days which sends us running for a chair in some shade in the park.  There’s no sitting on the grass here – if you dare to, you will get chased off by a gendarme de jardin, complete with piercing whistle (as we found out last year in the middle of a picnic with my mum and dad, and G’s brother and his family).

After a while, my tummy started to rumble.  As we didn’t want to give up our seats, I went to the nearby Bread & Roses bakery and picked up some supplies. One of which was a just-the-right-density seeded baguette with thinly shaved pastrami.  OMG yum!

Will definitely go back there again for our ready-made picnics, if not just for another taste of that pastrami (definitely not something you find with ease in Paris).


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One Response to picnic in jardin du luxembourg

  1. Liv says:

    Yes, yes, you may have had nicer weather for a few months before us (thanks for rubbing it in) but don’t tell me you don’t miss seeing the ‘spring frenzy’ which happens here when the temperature rises over 10 degrees! Where else in the world would you have people wearing winter-ish coats while driving their convertibles with the heat on full blast…seulement a Montréal! You’ll be happy to know that it’s been +20 degrees for over a week, summer has arrived my friend and there’s no other city who celebrates it better than the gang of ‘La Belle Province’!

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