combatting a sore head

My head hurt today…and it was not a result of the complicated verb conjugation from today’s French lesson (although, I do have to admit that the state of my head did complicate things somewhat!  I had my French teacher in fits of laughter when I said “J’etais dans le legumes et fruits a Monoprix”…that’s when I learnt the word “le rayon” (which means “department” i.e. I was in the veggie and fruit department of Monoprix, rather than in amongst the actual veggies.  Yes – every French lesson is filled with much hilarity!)  Anyway, no, that was not the reason my head hurt…surprise, surprise – it was down to me drinking too much last night…and what made it worse was that I had NO intention of doing so.  G was away, and so when my friend invited me to join her and her husband for dinner, I decided what the heck.  We went to Les Cocottes – which is one of Christian Constant’s Paris restaurants.  Food is great, setting is informal and there’s no reservations…so chances are you will get a table if you get there early enough (we were there just before 8pm and we got one of the last tables).  Now what I did not know is that M (my friend’s husband) is a sneaky wine “top ‘er upper-er”.  I had NO idea and before I knew it, I’d drunk way more than I had anticipated.  Arrrgggghhhh, how did I let that happen?  I now know M’s modus operandi, and I will not fall for that trick again!

So today called for something semi-healthy yet still comforting.  I had a tub of ricotta hanging around the fridge (not sure what made me buy it as I’ve never cooked with it before), so I went on the hunt for something savoury.  And I came across this recipe.  It was perfect (I replaced the chard with spinach).  I’ve already had some, even though it’s only 5pm, as I have to – wait for it – go out and meet another friend for a drink!  However, I think this drink may be a cup of tea instead of the alcoholic variety.


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A foodie kiwi living in London - on the constant search for the next best restaurant, recipe, food trend
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One Response to combatting a sore head

  1. Wow, those tomatoes, and everything else in that dish, look amazing!

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