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Photo by flickr: thepinkpeppercorn

It’s tough to keep up with all the new stuff popping up in Paris. Fortunately I have my ears and eyes attuned to getting the lowdown early on!

Coffee – if you are a coffee fiend, I assure you that you will be disappointed in what Paris has to offer (although if you are an espresso fan, then you will be a lot better off than those of us who like milk in their coffee). Fortunately, the cafe culture is so damned cool here otherwise these places would be out of business! There’s nothing like planting yourself on a high-traffic terrace to watch the world go by – however we prefer to drink beer rather than the watery muck they call coffee. [Update 2016: the coffee scene in Paris has changed considerably. Yaye!]

Coffee made by me!

The good news is that coffee is getting some attention and there are a few places that have recently opened which are getting it right. We have our own machine (and grinder) at home (no surprises given my husband is a Canadian, and can’t really get himself going in the morning until after the first caffeine jolt to his system) so I’m not desperately seeking coffee on a daily basis, but I do still like to get out and meet up with friends to check out what’s on offer.

One of these new places has opened up in the 7th, not far from home. When our coffee machine recently decided to take a holiday (not far from the truth as we had to send it back to Italy to be fixed…for the 2nd time) I was beating down the door at this place to get my daily coffee fix.

Coutume (47 rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris) has excellent coffee, roasted onsite by the team…and they have what I consider to be the best decaf this side of the Atlantic. You need to ask them to make it extra hot though (seems to be a Paris thing to have lukewarm coffee). The only downside is that their glasses are not big enough…you are just getting into the taste and it’s already gone!

On my list to still check out:

Kooka-Boora (62 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris)
As the name suggests, this place is based on Aussie coffee culture. I see that they have flat white’s so for sure I am going to go and check it out.
Merce & The Muse (1 bis rue Dupuis, 75003 Paris)
Run by an American expat; East Village-style coffee house; uses coffee from Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective.
La Caféothèque (52 rue de L’Hotel de Ville, 75004 Paris)
They roast their own coffee.


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6 Responses to daily coffee fix

  1. Gerard Roxburgh says:

    stop picking on us Canadians…we’re very sensitive you know

    • tfyvie says:

      haha! geez you were quick off the mark – must be because you’re a canadian! you’ve seen G without his morning coffee fix…it ain’t pretty. 🙂

  2. steve g says:

    You gotta start smoking to really fit the part of the Paris cafe culture!

  3. Sharon Spence says:

    Know what you mean love. Just been for a week skiing on Mt Cheeseman in the Sth Island and had to take our coffee maker (stove top) to ensure morning serenity! As luck would have it the Swiss cafe girl made a very respectable flat white so happiness and joy all round. (Skiing was fab too!)

    • tfyvie says:

      Haha yes we are doing the same when we go away beg Aug – our little stove top espresso will be first to be packed. Glad to hear that you guys had a good ski week – post some photos on to FB! Txxx

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