observations made while on the road

I’m currently suffering from a frozen shoulder, which is severely hindering my ability to drive…which, as I love to drive, I’m finding rather difficult. So while being driven through France and Italy I’ve had a lot of time to sit and observe my surroundings. Here’s just a few of my observations:

1. The Dutch love to drive Volvos…here are just 3 examples. I could have taken many many more photos however as I didn’t want to get chased by a Cloggie asking what I was doing, I held back!

2. The SatNav in our car, who we have nicknamed Camilla for her ever-so-posh Britsh voice, will even tell us when there’s rain ahead! If you’re brave enough to drive in Europe, you absolutely have to get SatNav in your car to save both your sanity and your marriage.

Camilla telling us there’s rain ahead

3. The Mont Blanc tunnel is best not attempted in the peak of European summer holidays. Oh my god – a 2 bloody hour wait…just to go 8 km’s under a mountain? Crazy! But once you’re there, you are captive – you have no choice but to wait otherwise it’s going to take you at least a day to go around the mountain.

4. There are a LOT of tunnels in Italy. Driving from Fanghetto on our way down to Tuscany, we hit over 150 tunnels in less than 2 hours (yes, I kept a tally – it kept my mind from focusing on the crazy Italian drivers!)  They are a pain as you have to lift your sunglasses each time you go in and out of a tunnel…I think there’s money to be made for a device that will lift your glasses for you.

Just one of the many tunnels we have driven through


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2 Responses to observations made while on the road

  1. Richard says:

    Ha! Am actually considering buying a Volvo stationwagon!
    Do come round next time you’re in NL.
    Richard (Suzie’s Dutch Cousin)

    • tfyvie says:

      Haha – too funny, watch out for number of km’s on clock…they travel far! How about a caravan too? We have seen some mighty fine Kip Delux models (laughing at a caravan being called a chicken!) hope you are well – where are you living now? We will def be getting up there sometime soon, so it would be good to see you!

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