transforming mediocre apricots and peaches

20110824-060644.jpgAlas our summer vacation is over…we arrived back in Paris on Monday. So now it’s back to the routine stuff, and the sad realization that summer is down to its final days. However, we still have a couple of weeks in Paris before la rentrée, which is when the French return from their summer houses, kids go back to school and the normal chaos returns to the city. So it’s not over yet!

As my fridge was empty, I went to my local market on Tuesday morning…and it was slim pickings indeed (due to everyone still being away). Somehow I got seduced by the idea of buying apricots and peaches. What was I thinking? As when I got home, I took one bite and realized that summer was indeed on its way out…they were bloody awful (I put it down to my brain still being on holiday, as I ended up buying from a couple of stalls that I normally would just walk on by). But not wanting to waste anything, I got onto the internet to see what I could find. I ended up poaching them and they were transformed from mealy, yicky fruit to soft, delicious yum! I served mine with Greek yoghurt and a bit of honey (as I’m now on a bit of a diet after my over excessive eating).

Poached Apricots (or peaches)
1 litre water
90g caster sugar (I actually dropped it to 70g in the interests of my diet, and while not very sweet, they were perfect for me)
1 vanilla pod
12 apricots

Dissolve sugar by bringing to gentle simmer. Scrape seeds from pod and put into syrup together with the pod. Rinse apricots. Place into syrup and simmer for 10-15 minutes, depending on ripeness of fruit (my mushies only needed 10 minutes). Leave in syrup overnight (I couldn’t wait, and had some for dessert last night, and they were still great).
I then used the same syrup today to poach the couple of peaches that I had bought. I cut them in half and destoned before placing in the syrup.


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