italy – part 2

Yikes I’m behind on this one…I’ve actually had people asking when I was going to post part 2, so that kicked me into action.  Et voila!

Here’s some pics of where we stayed the first week (I have problems with the captions when photos are side-by-side, but if you hover over the photo with the cursor you will get to see the caption).  Our friends own a home in the small village of Fanghetto (which I have visited and written about before).  I can’t rave enough about this place – if you’re looking for an easy destination to get to (fly to Nice, rent a car and drive approx 45 mins), then this is the place.   There’s only one restaurant, open on Friday and Saturdays, and that’s it in terms of retail (the closest store is on the main road at the turnoff to Fanghetto).

It was very easy to get into a rhythm here.  Mornings were spent on the roof top terrace, before it got too hot.

Then we’d usually go for a drive somewhere nearby – whether to a market, to eat lunch or just to check out other towns.

The first photo was taken as we went up the very windy and skinny roads from one valley to the next to visit Dolceacqua (2nd photo), apparently a town that Claude Monet also visited and loved.

Photo on the right is of Sospel, which is back in France.  We had lunch here (which I mentioned in my last post).

Most afternoons I’d drag G down the goat track to the river below for a take-your-breath-away swim.  The water was bloody cold, but having grown up on Lake Taupo where its surface maybe gets up to 18-20C in the summertime (if you’re lucky), I had no problems with it. As for G, well that’s another story…but he was brave, and regardless of his protestations, I know he actually loved it (haha!)


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4 Responses to italy – part 2

  1. Liv says:

    Love the pic with Gord on the steps sporting his ‘mafioso’ hat, fabulous!

    • tfyvie says:

      Haha Gord says maybe that explains why we got such a good table at a restaurant we went to in Ventimiglia!! Ahhhh your mafia story is still the best one for me – particularly as it actually was really, truly mafia related. Love it!

      • sando says:

        gorge – loving the oldness….taupo is so new!

      • tfyvie says:

        I know!!! I’m always feeling in awe of this place, when you get to thinking about how long people have been walking these streets, living in these buildings etc. Our apartment building in Paris was built around 1877! Crazy huh?

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