a kiwi back in kiwi land

Ohhhh it’s been a loooonnnggg time since I last posted…yikes! Definitely time flies when you are having fun! Since that last post back in September, a lot has gone on with us. The biggest change being that we have left Paris – or at least, we are in the process of leaving Paris. While it’s sad to be saying goodbye to the most fabulous city in the world, we are very excited about our next adventures.

NZ’s native xmas tree, the Pohutukawa, in full bloom

The best part about leaving Paris is that it has allowed us to extend our xmas holiday in NZ – to the extent that I’m here for 3 months (and G for 2 months)! How lucky are we to be missing out on the Northern winter? Yippee! However, before you all start saying you want to kill me, I have to admit that so far NZ’s summer has been lacking on the summer side of things. Little bit chilly, more rainy days than should be allowed, gale force winds – the typical 4 seasons in one day, but in the middle of bloody summer. Oh well, I still have 6 weeks for things to get back on track. I look at the positive side being that the onset of wrinkles from too much sun are being delayed by yet another year of low sun worshipping, and the chances of me getting skin cancer are slim!

Anyway, who cares about the weather…we have had a lovely time catching up with family and friends. We also just spent 2+ weeks travelling around the South Island – it reinforces to me why NZ is referred to as ‘Godzone country’.  I’m going to take advantage of this blog and post some pics over the next few posts so you can see it for yourself…and maybe it will convince you that you have to put NZ on to your long term travel plans. I know I’m biased, but it truly is a stunning country.

G catching sunrise at Cooks Beach

Immediately after xmas, all of the family went to Cooks Beach which is on the East Coast of NZ, on the Coromandel Peninsula.  There were lots of walks on the beach and the surrounding area, lots of good food and wine (no surprise there!), and just chilling out…

Below are more photos of our time at Cooks Beach (unfortunately I am having some issues with the layout of photos but hopefully they’ll show up OK)…

The boys (Hayd, Gord and dad) hanging out on the beach at Lonely Bay, a short hike over from Cooks Beach.

Just check out that beach – sandwiched between steep cliffs covered with pohutukawa trees, you can see why it’s called Lonely Bay.

Launching boats kiwi style – I now know where all the old tractors go once retired…the beach!

Here’s all the family on New Year’s Day – just before we set off for our walk down to the famous Cathedral Bay.  Great walk…very pretty…stunning beach…TONNES of tourists (including us)!

That’s my nephews and niece during our walk to Cathedral Cove.

And just continuing the food theme of this blog…here’s us eating pizza at the laid-back  Luke’s Kitchen which is located in a tiny beachside town called Kuaotunu (don’t even ask how you pronounce that!)

I promise more kiwi themed posts over the coming weeks.


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2 Responses to a kiwi back in kiwi land

  1. Ed says:

    No sympathy from me. 0°C in Paris at noon today!!!

  2. Susie Burpee says:

    Great to have a little catch up via the blog! Happy New Year to both of you, and keep us posted on your movements! All the best, Susie
    ps. am going to winnipeg soon, and my first stop is a ‘mange-moi’ baking lesson with my friend laura. she knows how to make those little brioche that are made in the silicone mold i bought at that cookware shop with you in paris…anyway, she doesn’t know what they’re called but figures ‘mange-moi’ is appropriate. will let you know how they turn out!

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