a zingy winter salad

Happy New Year – and here’s to a great 2013!

So it was the same old story for me…stressed out end of year (WAY too much work going on for my liking) and the minute I stopped, I got sick. And what an awful cold/flu/bug thing it was…I still have a cough over 3 weeks later, and that’s not normal for me. This year I am determined not to fall into the trap of too much work and not enough downtime/looking after myself. After all, we only get to live each day once, so we might as well make the most of what we can of each day, balancing work (as in the end, we all need money to live), play and health.

It’s a chilly Saturday here in London. After some good, stodgy pasta and cuttlefish stew at our local Italian last night, I’m craving healthy yet tasty winter food. So lunch today is a salad that will certainly invigorate the taste buds! It’s a mix of winter veggies with apple and a zingy dressing. The key is to shaving all the raw ingredients really finely.


My Winter Salad (serves 1 – but easily doubled, tripled, whatever)
1/2 of a Chicory or Endive (depending on which part of the world you are from), finely sliced
Couple of radishes, finely shaved
Couple of brussel sprouts (I’m determined to take this vegetable from the xmas table and use it throughout the winter), finely shaved
1/2 a Cox apple – or any apple that takes your fancy, a tart yet sweet little number is best though; finely shaved
Squeeze of 1/4 lime – to keep the apple from browning, but also to give a bit of citrus zing
Few fine shavings of red onion or shallot – or if you only have green onions, that will be just fine

You could also add: celery, radicchio, fennel, pear (instead of apple), a handful of rocket, some nuts – walnuts would be good

My dressing (this will make more than required for the salad, but I keep the jar on the counter and reach for it throughout the week whenever I’m making a version of a winter salad) :

3 tbsp good olive oil
1 tbsp raw cider vinegar (residual from my anti-candida diet – love this stuff)
Heaped tsp (or more!) of dijon mustard
A good splash of maple syrup (my splash was more of a splosh which was perhaps too much…although as G says, you can’t ever have too much maple syrup – the words of a true Canadian male!)
Pinch of salt
Few grinds of black pepper

Shake, shake, shake

Back to the salad – place all raw ingredients in a bowl and drizzle on the dressing until you feel it has just the right amount (you don’t want it to be drowning). Toss and then gobble up!

This is REALLY good with a piece of your favourite fresh bread, spread thickly with some butter and then covered with thick slices of ham.


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One Response to a zingy winter salad

  1. Barb F says:

    Just what I need on a -17C day! Fresh and crunchy.

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