the best gelato in rome…and orvieto

It was while living in Paris that I developed my love for gelato. We used to walk down to our local Amorino or Grom on a Sunday afternoon (best thing to do on a day when pretty much everything is closed).

Gelato cone

In terms of flavours, I’m not super-adventurous…always going for yoghurt as my first (and sometimes only) scoop. Yep, I know – it’s not at the top of many people’s list…but it is definitely top of mine, as it reminds me of the yoghurt ice-cream that I used to eat as a kid in New Zealand which really did taste of yoghurt unlike so much that is available today. Although, last week I tasted a flavour that could knock yoghurt from the top spot…I will now be seeking it out at all the gelaterie I come across, to see whether it’s as good as I think it is (more on that below).

Both Amorino and Grom originate from Italy – the land of gelato. And hot summer days in Italy scream out for a cooling gelato. Unfortunately, the one drawback of staying in the sticks of Umbria meant that I didn’t get to indulge my gelato obsession as much as I would have liked. But here are a few places that hit the mark:

  1. Giolitti – apparently the oldest gelato shop in Rome. My friend Julia, who lived in Rome a few years back, directed us here – and for that, she gIMG_3661ets a huge grazie mille, as it was pretty damned amazing. As one would expect from a top gelateria, the queues…actually scratch that, the masses crowding the counter were huge. My top tip: go to the small counter, usually located near the door, and pay first! Hands down, their yoghurt gelato was definitely the best of the week.
  1. Gelateria Pasqualetti – Orvieto was super hot…resulting in us doing a tour of the caves just to get out of the heat (actually well worth the visit). While we were waiting for the tour to start, I decided to hunt down the best gelato in Orvieto – and discovered Gelateria Pasqualetti. Their café (coffee) gelato has apparently won awards – and I can see why.
  1. Gelateria dei Gracchi – our return flight was cancelled, so we ended up with an extra day in Rome. Our last port of call before heading to the airport was, you guessed it, gelato! I came across Gelateria dei Gracchi purely by its location (closest to where we were, and then shortest walk back to our hotel), as it was 36C in the shade. They have 3 stores in Rome, but we went to their namesake on Via dei Gracchi – which is definitely off the beaIMG_3716ten tourist track (approx. 10 minute walk from Piazza del Popolo, on the other side of the river) but it must be super-popular as walking up to it, I could see the digital display of the queue counter on the outside wall of the shop – so I figure that it must get super-crazy (admittedly, it’s not that large on the inside).

So the new flavour revelation? Riso e miele (or rice and honey)…seriously, it was beyond delish! As I write this, I wish I could transport myself back there right now for a large coppa! I also tried the yoghurt (of course) – and a first for me, the pistachio, which was excellent. But the star of the week was definitely riso e miele!


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