it sure ain’t pretty…

African Peanut Stew

…but who cares when it tastes so damn good!  While I will never be a vegetarian, I know that eating too much meat is not good for the old body particularly as I continue the battle with candida.  So I’m always on the hunt for new recipes that will invigorate the taste buds.  This recipe certainly does that – and it’s the perfect comfort food as we head into long winter evenings.


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chips…and fish

Growing up in New Zealand, eating fish and chips (or ‘shark and taties’ as my dad calls them!) was invariably our Friday night routine. Mum was – still is, at least for the next year – a working mum, so I’m sure this was her way of relaxing into the weekend, having come home to produce a home-cooked ‘tea’ each and every night. We were pretty faithful to the same fish and chip shop for years…and didn’t venture much beyond the standard piece of fish each with $2 worth of chips (or whatever ridiculously low price a scoop of chips was). As I got older, I developed a taste for battered Bluff oysters – oh yum…I could eat a few of those right now! But for me, the Potato Freak, it was always about the chips, which were always perfectly cooked – and on fresh white, ‘plastic’ bread spread thickly with butter, they made the best chip buttie! Continue reading

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a zingy winter salad

Happy New Year – and here’s to a great 2013!

So it was the same old story for me…stressed out end of year (WAY too much work going on for my liking) and the minute I stopped, I got sick. And what an awful cold/flu/bug thing it was…I still have a cough over 3 weeks later, and that’s not normal for me. This year I am determined not to fall into the trap of too much work and not enough downtime/looking after myself. After all, we only get to live each day once, so we might as well make the most of what we can of each day, balancing work (as in the end, we all need money to live), play and health. Continue reading

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the perfect cup – from allpress espresso

When I first lived in London I worked in the music industry for Harvey Goldsmith, a well known concert promoter. I was in my early 20’s and it was THE job to have!  We got to go to all the gigs…and as this was the Brit-pop era, that was pretty cool. And if no gigs, then there was always someone ready to hit the pub. The downside of this meant that we were forever struggling with ‘tiredness’ – and sometimes the good ol’ cuppa just didn’t quite hit the spot.  One of my bosses spent most lunches in a champagne bar around the corner.  He’s a generous guy…particularly after a few…and so we used to love it when he would spoil us and bring back cappuccinos from Le Coin, the little French cafe around the corner which knew how to make coffee (and the best baguette with Emmental and coleslaw…makes me drool Continue reading

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the view from our suite at hotel tannenhof, st anton, austria


Waking up to this puts a smile on one’s face!


View from the bedroom…nature!

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